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December 13, 2010

Apa Nuffnang Helpdesk Kata?

Setelah seminggu menghantar tiket pertanyaan tentang " Apakah perbezaan antara Kempen, BE dan ME? " Maka, ini jawapan antara yang terpenting. :)

The tables shown to you come from 2 different ad campaigns.

There are 2 types of general paid ads from our advertisers, CPC (Cost Per Click) Campaigns and CPM (Cost Per Impression) Campaigns.

CPC (Cost Per Click) Campaigns

Launched on advertisers\' request. Will show on all blogs under Nuffnang network which have \'Show Global CPC Ads\' selected under their Blog Preferences in Blog Manager which are not serving any CPM campaigns at the moment it is launched. Pay bloggers based on the number of unique clicks by their blog\'s unique visitors on the ad unit which is displaying the CPC ad. Will cease once it reaches its maximum clicks and update all bloggers\' account whose blogs generated genuine clicks during the campaign. If a blog showed the CPC ad but did not generate any clicks towards the campaign, no earnings will be updated. Should there be any clicks, it will be credited under the \'Campaigns\' table.

CPM (Cost Per Impression) campaigns

Advertisers choose which blogs they want to advertise based on several factors such as the demographics of your blog readers, the desirability of ad units, membership exclusivity and the availability of ad units. These ads pay according to the unique impressions the advertiser purchased from your blog that will be able to see the ad. It doesn\'t require any of your users to click on it in order for you to get paid. When a campaign is running, it will be listed under the Buffered Earnings table, when it ends, it will be listed under Metered Campaigns table. [ Part underline ni yang paling penting untuk jawapan soalan tersebut ]

  • As advertisers always have a target audience for their campaigns to address to, they will choose blogs with suitable blog readers as their target audience.
  • rest assure that you\'re very likely to be picked by them. Many bloggers who do not fill in their blog surveys properly may find themselves not receiving ad campaigns from advertisers frequently. [ Sebab itu kena isi borang survey tu, penting! ]
  • ensure that all your blogs\' surveys are filled and updated from time to time. Do also note that advertisers tend to shy away from blogs that touches about politics as they don\'t wish to be associated with anyone pledging support for any political fronts. Blogs without original content will also not attract many advertisers in general.
  • A Skyscraper ad unit is supposed to be the first element of the sidebar and not anywhere else. The same goes for Leaderboard as the first visible element upon visitor\'s entry to the site and Large Rectangle right after your first blog post.
  • availability of ad units plays an important role for bloggers to be chosen for campaigns as well. All our advertisers split their budget evenly across all our 3 ad units, Leaderboard, Skyscraper and Large Rectangle whenever they advertise with us.
  • Membership exclusivity plays a part in advertisement campaigns as our advertisers tend to advertise more on Glitterati blogs as it is part of our reward program to our most loyal bloggers in the region. Ordinary members will still be selected for campaigns but in a lower number compared to Glitterati\'s.
  • Blog\'s traffic is also important to earn more from advertisers. When your blog has more visitors, this means there is more ad space that advertisers can buy (resulting in higher earnings). In addition, blogs with higher traffic also attracts advertisers\' attention!
  • Our system also prioritizes blogs which have received less CPM campaign to be suggested to advertisers in the future for their ad campaigns as part of our initiative to ensure all of our bloggers are able to earn evenly from advertisers. That means there will be times where a blog will not be chosen for campaigns if it has been getting a lot of campaigns for a period of time. [ so, bagi sesiapa yang baru mendaftarkan diri dengan Nuffnang, harap bersabar, adalah nanti masa untuk anda pula tu :) ]
  • I hope that you will understand that it is important for advertisers to achieve satisfactory results for their campaigns in order for them to advertise more on blogs.
  • please take note that you\'re fairly new to our community and it takes awhile for us to monitor your traffic consistently before we can propose your blog for any campaigns. Please be patient and we assure you that you\'ll receive ad campaigns from our advertisers as long as all your ad spaces are optimized. [ Yang ini tersangat penting bagi orang baru seperti aku. hehe ]


Robb Chew
FasiHaH Kata: Ok, so....faham tak agaknya? kalau tak faham boleh guna Google translate ye? :)


Faisal Arrifin said...

okay tak minat.
benda tah nuffnang ni.
tak tergerak ati nak mencuba...

deqdeq said...

wah...tima kasih share pasal nih....DeQDeq pun byk tak faham lg pasal Nuffnang nih..heheh

oda the miss Rrrr said...

urmmm..bru paham ckit2..da reg nuff tp x taw nak buat cmne

Scarlett O'Hara said...

Tq for sharing.Bila start blogging?

Izamir Ridzwan said...

IR pon dpt yg ni td.. seb 2 hari lepas IR sent tiket kt diorang

Izamir Ridzwan said...

borang survey nak ambik mana

FasiHaH SupiaN said...

tak berminat tak mengapa..

kalau tak faham kena belajar, kita pun bukan dah terror sangat..:)

xpa, sikit2 lama-lama nanti faham lah tu :)

berblogging dah lama, tapi daftar nuffnang baru 3minggu lebih kurang..

mungkin dia hantar serentak semua kot..ok, dah post pasal borang survey tu..

miya said...

thank you sebab share...

entri baru:
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amirulez said...

translate la ke bahasa melayu.. tak paham. hehe..

FasiHaH SupiaN said...


guna google translate :)