Thanks a lot my dear~ |

November 13, 2010

Thanks a lot my dear~


This entry is special dedicated to you...

[ Nah, amik bunge nie! ;) ]

Nurhafizah bt Shafri

Congrats for the last paper, it is the time for you to go HOME. 

I know, you have been lot of missing your brothers and sisters.
Daa UIA welcome LANGKAWI.
I know that is what you are proud to tell me. haha

May Allah bless you.
May Allah safe your journey.
May your result then...FLYING COLOURS too ;)

Happy Eid Adha Friend!

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for lending your beloved LAPPY to me. I dont have anything to repay back your kindness you know. hahaha but I know, soon or later, you will ask me to treat you right after I got my .... tett! hehe  

This entry also proudly presenting my BIG THANK YOU to..

Afiqah Abd Nashir

Thanks Fiqah. For Minyak Afiat.

Seriously, it helps me a lot. However, that's all Allah's power to cure my stubborn leg through your Minyak Afiat.

Seriously ke you wanna give me??

I am really appreciate it.

[ Fiqah, thanks! ;) ]
 So, after all. To all my beloved friends.

Happy Holidays.

To those who will be having last paper TOMORROW including ME.


The only one..and..go HOME!

see you soon bloggarians..Followers...readers....

May Allah bless all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. In Happy moments, praise God. In Difficult moments, seek God. In Quiet moments, worship God. In Painful moments, trust God. In Every moment, thanks God.



oda the miss Rrrr said...

cik lme je nti tak jpe da..huhu~~

Nurhafizah Shafri said...

hahhaha...dalamnya ko baca hati big deal la akan aq tggu harinya yg tettt...hehhehe

FasiHaH said...

susah nak online dah..
sebab tak ada laptop odah..huhu tunggu lah...aku pun dah penat nak tggu fiza..haha