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November 27, 2010

Things that I must know before buying a laptop

[ Credit to Inche Google ]
As a student, Laptop is an important things which every students basically own it. However, my lappy just broken down for 2 times. How sad. I am just using it for about 2 and half years. Sad and sad. It is a gift from my parents before entering University.

[ How sad, what can I do? ]
So, I decided to see other computer engineer. For the first time broken down, I have sent it to the shop. What's the problem? He said, motherboard. He told me, even if I repaired it, it cant last long. Most of his customers, using the same brand with me, same problem; that's what will happen.

So, this time around. I went to another shop. I just want to know the solution from another engineer. So, I met Uncle SEKAI. I don't know his name. But, his shop is SEKAI. That's why I call him Uncle SEKAI. ;) 


Uncle Sekai: Ya, what can I help you?
I: I just want to know what is my laptop's problem. Before this, it had broken down also. About two months ago. Now, it happens again.
Uncle Sekai: Ok. Let me see. (with showing his talent)
I: ( I just watching him did his jobs)
Uncle Sekai: You are using AMD. Wah, now, I don't use AMD anymore in this shop.
I: Why uncle? Does AMD not good enough?
Uncle Sekai: Waa, AMD is good. It can make the laptop runs faster. But, it can't cope with high temperature la. It can't cope very well with high heat. Then it will make your laptop hanked or jammed.
I: Oo I see.


That's what I got from my meeting with Uncle Sekai. Thanks a lot Uncle. He also recommend me with several brand of laptop. However Uncle, I need to seek many advices to get the best one. I don't want the same thing happens again.

So, next. I emailed my MIS' lecturer. (Management Information System). He has many experience on stuff like these. He is IS (Information System) people. Mr. Yusno Yunos. Proud to be one of his student. A very nice lecturer. Wink. ;)

This is what he said.

All that really matters when you are searching for a laptop is actually your budget.  How much are you willing to spend for this new laptop?  From there I can suggest few good models.  Most of the laptops nowadays come with Windows 7 and the speed is normally fast enough for you to do you normal college work.

If you are thinking to spend anywhere between RM 2000 and RM 3000, then I'd suggest you go for either Dell or HP laptops.  They are the good mid-range models.  If you are looking for slightly better mid-range models, then go for ASUS (which is the one that I'm currently using).  I bought it for 3k 6 months ago and the specs are pretty good and quite high.  (500gb HD, intel core i5 2.27GHz, ATI radeon graphic card 1gb, 4gh RAM, Win 7 64 bit).

See? First and foremost, in terms of budget. Ya it should be the first thing to be considered isn't? In addition, it is better to have original OS.

He said,

To ensure the OS installed is original, look for the original windows sticker with serial numbers at the bottom of your laptop.  If you wanna buy Dell laptop, just buy online from to ensure you get the original OS and the right customer support for 1-3 years.  If you wanna buy it from LowYat or Digital Mall, choose a store that says Authorised Dealer.

[ Should I buy a DELL laptop? ]

So, people, what else that I must know before buy a new one? Tell me. I am really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. ;)



Faisal Arrifin said...

ko beli lappy asus tu tahun bila?
berapa harga dia?

antara benda yang aku akan tgk masa beli lappy:
1. sah2 budget, kalau tak da budget, macam mana nak beli yang power2.
2. Ram dia. kalau Ram 1gb ja, tapi nak pakai harddisk sampai 500gb. sah2 ko akan dapat lappy yg lagi slow dari kura2.
3)hard disk lah, konfirm nak yang besar, boleh simpan banyak2 benda dalam lappy.
4) graphic card. kalau nak dapat quality main game yang power, kena carik graphic card yang power.
5) sah2 kalau nak pakai spec lappy macam kat atas, kenalah cari processor yang power. kalau tak conform hang lappy to.
6)kalau nak carik lappy, tgk motherboard dia. carik yang berkualiti, carik yang tahan panas. kadang ada yang install sekali dgn auto padam kalau motherboard nak terbakar.

senang citer, kalau ada budget lebih 8k tu, angkat jer alienware. terbaik!

Faisal Arrifin said...

pasal os ni aku tak heran sangat sama ada ori or tak. sebab aku selesa pakai yang orang dah crack punya. sometimes dorang tambah function kat os tu lagi. tapi kalau dah beli lappy mahal2, lebih elok pakai ori.

FasiHaH SupiaN said...

siapa pula pakai lecturer yg pakai carefully the way..thanks a lot...;)

ken said...

Dell laptops are good.. good service too :)

Faisal Arrifin said...

owh, bukan ko cakap petang tadi ko pakai asus ka?

Faisal Arrifin said...

i mean lappy ko yang rosak tu, bukan asus ke yang ko cakap?
ke aku salah dgr. or harith yang pakai asus. hurm...

FasiHaH SupiaN said...

faisal,i am not ASUS user..

FasiHaH SupiaN said...

ken, DELL? still in dilemma mood ;)

Wen said...

alops... hi...
sy pakai acer extensa 4630z..
processor intel pentium.
2gig ddr2 ram
160gig HDD= aku tau sket tapi yg pling penting, lappy aku tak penah rosak. dah 2 tahun da pakai. budget? dulu rm 2300 baru kuar kan.. skang da turun...

Dell? satu je comment= berat la kawan...

saya suggest lenovo=brand idaman...

FasiHaH SupiaN said...

saya pun x berapa minat DELL sebenarnya..
brand idaman memang Apple,tapi mahal.huhu

lenovo? bukan berat juga ke?

Wen said...

Lenovo tu berat jugak kot... tapi smas keja dulu.. laptop ni di bekalkan olh ofis untuk sy buat kerja.. memang lappy lenovo tu saya bawa keman2. dah 5 tahun lappy tu ngan opis sy ( ex-opis). dan dah bertukar banyak tangan da.. tapi.. still okay apa... berat kut.. saya tak ingat.. tapi yg sy selalu usha kat low yat dn kedai comp... tak la berat sgt... lebih kurang dgn acer..

FasiHaH SupiaN said...

okey dokei. Kena search juga untuk lenovo. Siapa tahu ada yang berkenan di hati kan. Thanks Wen! :)

Wen said...

orait... cara sy list 2/3/4 nama /brand yng nak.. lebih baik dengan model sekali then bandingkan yg terbaik.. hehe (dulu penah keja kedai lappy + accessori- nampak ramai profesional buat, so i ciplak) hehe

FasiHaH SupiaN said...

thanks a lot wen :)

Wen said...

welcome.. no preoblems

Ahmad Uzair said...

herm beli pc lg senang..hehe.
senang nak tukar hardware..
AMD mmg bagus.tapi memang tak leh panas atau beroperasi lama dalam 8 jam..nnti processor rosak