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February 19, 2011

Running Man Korean Entertainment

Assalamualaikum to all the readers, members of the floor, and you! Korean fans! Zaoshaong hao~~~! (mandarin). Ok, this morning, I just want to share about Running Man (Korean Entertainment, Variety Show). Running Man is another popular Korean Entertainment of the variety show after Family Outing.

Yesterday, when I put 1 video of Running Man 22nd Episode, I can see, many people like to watch this show. 

OMG! So, I am not the one who fall in love with Lee Joong Ki la. Haha How come Lee Joong Ki? He is so sooo cute lol! ^____^ 

So, I got 1 massage in my shoutbox asked me, from where I downloaded the videos. Basically, for me, no worries la where can I download it. Because, my roommate is going crazy with all the Korean stuff. The dramas, stories, variety shows, Big Bang, shinee, 2pm and etc. So, I can just ask her, "Oh my beloved sis, may I borrow your external please?" haha Easy rite? ;)

But, I thought, everyone can download it without any difficulties; and yesterday, here it is :-

Running Man
So, how can I help you zuryn? So here is my suggestion.

You can download all the videos from this website Make sure, you register 1st and just click at Download& Streaming. From there, there is 3 shows available, Running Man, Family Outing and Family Outing Season 2. Choose Running Man, and there will be links available to watch the videos and you can download it!

Easy right? I am sorry sis zuryn cause I can't detect your link. You have wrongly give link to me I thought. So I hope, I have helped you in finding the solution of your problem. :)

So, anybody who has the same interest with me, lets be friends. Anybody likes Joong Ki? hehehe

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Nour Akmal said...

hye..singgah cni..

jom join GA blog sy..

FasiHaH SupiaN said...

@Nour Akmal insyaAllah jap lagi ke sana...ada GA lah..hehe