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October 8, 2011

United Kingdom...? LONDON!

Cambridge University, UK

Morning peeps. May Allah bless you~

Cambridge University is among 10 top universities in the world. It is ranked on 6th place. They are many best universities in UK that have become favorite and chosen universities in the world such as Oxford, Edinburgh and many more.

Why I am talking about this? Just an additional information. For your general knowledge.

Currently, I am studying at UK.

p/s: Its ok..just pretend that you are studying in oversea, thats why you cant go home k? forget about going home. Yes. Ok, lets assume that I am studying at UK right now. -___-''



JIJI YU said...

ehem..kemain ko nokss

aimie amalina said...

comei ah
okeh..u can't go home becos u have aloooooooot of asaimen at UK..hehehe

Ayuni said...

well, I prefer Lancaster more especially in english literature...

Tihara said...

best nye study obersi :)

Mya said...

nak sambung kat luar! -_-