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April 1, 2012

Fan Page Celebration Giveaway by Eqbalzack!

An educated blogger. Famous Tutor, Lecturer and having so many friends, followers, readers including his students. As an appreciation on those who read his blog, here he wants to give us his giveaway!

7 lucky winners will be given these stuff!
-- DKNY Be Delicious (7ml) x 3
-- DKNY Golden Delicious (7ml) x 1
-- CK One (15 ml) x 1
-- MONT BLANC Legend (4.5ml) x 1
-- CHROME AZZARO (7ml) x 1

CK One, Chrome Azzaro and Mont Blanc for men.
Ok, the due date is on 7th April 2012. will play its part to select the most luckiest readers! So, what are you waiting for? Click here to join. don't forget to like his page here. I have done liking his page as early as he done his page. Among the earlier likes. hehe :)

This is the hardest time for me as for today is Sunday. How I wish my mid-semester break longer. huhu


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