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January 15, 2013

#2nd Day Internship

"Dah siap ke audit file tu?"

"ngee...dah. Tapi tak tahulah. Takut banyak salah."

"Ni..patutnya bukan macam ni.. Ni patutnya tak payah pun tak apa.. Yang ni patutnya ni depan, ni belakang.."

"Ohh macam tu..saya ikut last year punya. Ingatkan sama."

"Sepatutnya memang macam ni. Cuma kadang-kadang auditor tu nak buat shortcut, so dia keep it simpler. Tak apa, lama-lama nanti, Fas mahir lah. Ni kan baru mula."

Those several lines of conversation on the 2nd day of my internship. I really feel bless because I've been assigned to help one malay staff to do audit with her. By the way, actually, we are in a team. Normally being in audit, we will work as a team. 

Time flies too fast. who said that time is a gold? No, If time is a gold, there is still people on this earth that can buy time. But, nobody can buy time. Facing the very thick copy of ledger for a company. Vouching, photostating. Casting. Really, I did not realize 'its time for lunch!' or 'its time to go back!'. But, once an audit file is done to be rechecked by senior auditor, you will feel sooooo relief! likeee 'yeeehooooo!'. Oh no, its not, it should be 'alhamdulillahhhhh'.

Although this one will be about yesterday. I just want to share about it. Yesterday, as promised! The 1st day always a 'sweat'. Not so sweet, but I can consider, it was a happy starting. Although I left home quite late, I am quite rushing to catch up my fren as she should report herself at 8.30am. But, Allah ease my journey. Alhamdulillah. About 7.50am I reached Hasanah's and we were heading towards our office. And guest what? It was 8.05am and we have arrived! Soooooo super early!

So, we tried to find place for breakfast. But, I have had my breakfast actually. So i just accompanied Hasanah to buy her breakfast. After that, I sent Hasanah to her office. And I parked my car in front of my office. I looked around. I saw people rushing, sending their kids to school, some of them just arrived to enter their office. I saw dogss. Ngee. Why this dogs wanna show off here in my blog?

So, I used that opportunity to complete my intern's form, read the rules and regulations and etc. (*its 11.22pm now, I should sleep. If not I will be late tomorrow). Ok, lets have a shortcut:-

  • I really feel so lucky for 1st day because, there was one chinese guy who offer me to give his parkinng coupon to me. He taught me how to use it and where can I find the coupon.
  • I really amazed with my supervisor. He is really cool and friendly. The fact is that, he is the only man in the office.
  • 1st impression for my manager? Really. I scared of her in the beginning. When she entered office, she did not smile at me. How sad am I during that time. Until she called me for short interview, I realized that, she is veryyyyyyyyyy veryyy super duper nice in person. For today, she gives me green light to take a leave for this coming Saturday because I have a seminar to attend. I just asked her If I can take a leave. Initially, she did not encourage me. But, I said, its ok, I just ask you. But, she asked me, what seminar and etc. When I said I made a payment before enter this office. She said, I can replace the four hours. Oh myy... Really?? Is she that soo cool in person? huhu... So, THANK YOU MISS MARY!! BIG HUG!! and then I went back after get her permission. haha (see?soo happy?)
  • I hope, the environment now will be better or just maintained as it is. Although the work to be done kind of... ngee, still, with this kind of environment, at least I can maintain cool! 

Oh Allah, ease my journey. In everything I do, help me being a positive trainee and being a better servant. Ameeenn


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visitme@FaTiN cOrNeR said...

waa.. fewwiitt2..hehe.. manager aku tak jumpa lg aku. lg sedih seha..