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January 4, 2013

Best Friends Till The End?

Its 2:27am. And me myself and my bestie yet to sleep. Both of us busy trying to finish up chapters in Strategic Management. But, its kinda like... "sedapkan hati baca" instead of make it absorbed into the bottom of our heart and brain.

Since then, I was very busy studying while twittering and facebooking just now. Because of these...

It was started by this phrase actually..

Roses are red… violet are blue, Your hijab is soooo great..believe me it’s true :) 

Suddenly, it turned into a more sophisticated and innovative phrase like these..

green judy, violet blue. I can't study, I wanna sleeeeeep and its true!-by surayahani

Durian crepe, mahal nak beli. Please don't sleep, its too early. :P-by rabiatulmalek

I like Candy, I like Super Ring, I cant study, SM is boring. -by fasihahsupian

Jemur baju sampai kering,SM memang boring.-by rabiatulmalek

and it was bestie posted status on Fb:

i like candy, u like super ring, i can't study,coz i'm boring. -by nurhafizahshafri

As we have 3papers consecutively in 3days but two of them are language, we quite neglecting the language papers and we will start our revision for the language papers tomorrow,ONLY. Obviously, we are not a great student. Obviously, we are having so much fun sleeping with the books, enjoying for wasting time and playing games while we can. But now, we start to worry. Serve us right lah. 

Soo bad attitudes as students we are. (-.-")

Fizahhhhh!!! What are you doing ha??? Go back to study!!


Fizah, let me be the very cute baby, and u are the kitten? okey? Yeah... I know I am cute. lalala 

So, as soon as we grown up, as we trying to look back the memories, we can find the past posts where we stored our memories. Especially those in heart and in minds. They were priceless. 

*tetibe nak touching sebab kejap lagi kita tak duduk sebilik dah*



Nurul Jannah said...

salam ziarah n dah follow sini,jemput ziarah blog saya ye ^_^

Anonymous said...

so sweet awak..