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September 17, 2012

Just A WISH..

Some people they have their own wishlists. So, me too. A wish not merely just a wish. A wish is subject to be accomplished. Just like a dream. Do dream and wish are same? Sometimes, I just get confused with that. By the way, for me, what I wish, I will work hard to make it real. Not just a wish. Not only hope. Aim high! Yeay! :)

**Although in this 2-3 days, I just confused with my future. I am thinking on my plan. I just keep questioning myself, what you want actually? What do you really want to achieve? Questioning myself with a bunch of questions and finally, I got tired and just lying in my bed. Continue in my dream perhaps?

Basically, when we learn about strategic planning, the terms vision and mission are just so familiar with us. I think those two; just applied in the business or clubs. Now, I realized, in we ourselves, we have that vision and mission. It is just a matter do you really have it?

**Some people like to say like this. JUST FOLLOW THE FLOW. For these several days back. I keep asking myself. Yes, follow the flow. Then what flow I am following? Does the flow is certain? Does this flow is really what you want to? Aigooo

I would say,, I am struggling now to realize my wishes.

A car. 
Just nice. It probably Myvi EZi. Yeah, still in the plan. Not yet released. It supposed to be by the end of this year insyaAllah. That's why, you might see me pretty stingy ala-ala Tuan Haji Bakhil. =D It is not really a matter of having a car for a student is sooo ohsem. But it is really matter for my internship next year. At the same time, you will become more matured to manage your life when you get additional burden. Yes, you might say, 'kau yang cari susah'. But, it is really a matter of time. If you have planned it for long before. It doesn't really a problem. 

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Of course, I should have my own money to buy the car. I should have thought on the future when I already have a car. That's why, an additional responsibility is just make you become more matured. Believe me. :)

A Digital Camera. Probably for the beginner DSLR user.
I have one before. Yes, a digital camera. Bought by my own money. Unfortunately, it disappeared. Somebody stole my camera. Its NIKON. I should have done wishing for another camera if this camera still in existence. Because in a meantime, I do not plan for any new camera. My saving now, is for number one above. Sambil angkat-angkat kening. haha

**Btw, I'm interested for Sony DSLR. The beginner one. Merely a wish je lah.

Overseas Trip with my best friends!
The most awesome wish. I plan to have it after we have graduated from our bachelor? huhu Should we go to Seoul, Korea or maybe Bandung for having great time shopping? The only time for us to spend together before everyone goes for their own way to the rest part of the world.

So, howdy friends! Start planning! :)

[S] Maintain a good CGPA for my graduation.
I would say... 3.7 maybe? Can I achieve that? Oh My Lord, with all my effort, I will do my very best to delight my parents and my family. Ease my journey. Ameen...

[S] Learn Adobes and any new technical skills.
I would say, I really want to learn more about Adobes Photoshop and if I have an opportunity, I would like to learn Flash too. What about SPSS, do I really need that? I should also sharpen my skill in using Excel. Fuhh. Then, I really want to be able to speak in arabic. Wahh should I take a class? Or should I just marry a guy that can teach me? Nonsense.

hmmmm, only that perhaps? the most top wishes that I am struggling for. [S] means I should have done during my study.

Above all. He does know what is the best for me. Just put trust in Him :)



Iffah Afeefah said...

bg akk kete tak perlu lg


bayar myvi ez je da penin

#tripitu seronok

Woofer Storm said...

usaha ada,semua pasti bisa..dahulukan yang dulu,kemudian yang kurang perlu..

beli nikon la..boleh buat geng nikon^^

~tuhan ada disamping orang yang tinggi sabarnya..slmt mlm

Anonymous said...

selamat malam..^^