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May 2, 2012


.The best MEMORIES comes from the craziest idea.

Time really left us so fast. Today, it is already in Wednesday. 
What a "pleasure", my final exam only about 22days left.
What a "pleasure" project, assignments, presentation still not finished. 
There are so many things have not yet done. And what? 
I am planning to go back this weekend?
Sometimes, monolog can make myself miserable.

This is random. Totally random.
No main point that I want to highlight.

My bestie asked me to make an entry for our memorable week last week.
Still I haven't done for it. Feel like, me. Rushing for many things.
And what a  'pleasure' when I was presenting the case today got so many questions attacked by that man.
A man that really made me lost my confidence and logical.
It happens when I was over-control my emotion.
Yes. I feel so furious with that man.
Fine lah, ko hebat sangat kan... Fine, ko menang hari ni.

Fuh, that is really not good. Speak with the madness. too emotional.
Sometimes we have the feel to share.
And what?
Different people, different principal.

Some with the principe, If you don't know, say you don't know don't make any assumption.
But, some, they cannot accept answer of 'I don't know'.
Yeah, that's what the world is all about.
Everyone has their own opinion.
Freedom of speech.
Yaaa freedom.
Freedom has limit.
Islam provides guidelines.
Everyone wants freedom.
But the freedom itself has a limit.
Don't be to0 exaggerated. 

Changing for a better person isn't a crime.
Find knowledge.
Read books. Read beneficial material.
Read Al-Quran. Read the translation.
Go to majlis ilmu.

We are here, not only for Dean List friends.
Appreciate the value.
Don't praise for A only.

Dunia itu dicela bersama isinya kecuali orang yang mengingati Allah dan apa yang Allah sukai serta yang berilmu ataupun orang yang belajar. -Riwayat Ibnu Majah-



fiqas said...

good luck untuk semua benda yang akan fasihah jalani..

Sunah Sakura said...

so random till I feel speechless to comment anything...:p

Iffah Afeefah said...

tatau nk komen sal pe

Cik Aqilah Wardah said...

fasihaaahhhh..... ^_^

rindu lah kt awk...... T_T