It has been 8 weeks! |

March 11, 2013

It has been 8 weeks!

So, how was it?


Your internship la sis. Aiyak!

*smiling*  :))

Hey..answer my question! Enough smiling. So.. how was it?

Btw, I don't know how to answer your question.
Happy for the environment. 
Sporting and beautiful big boss. 
Kindhearted supervisor. 
Nice staff and office mates with 1 Malaysia!

Tired for facing traffic congestion everyday even Saturday!  As Saturday will be only half day (half day lah sangat) so, when the time to go home, Bukit Tinggi tu is like, ohh why sooo many people going out! I want to reach home early please. Uhhh. And I am tired with the unethical drivers on the road. No signal. Not even looking at side mirrors. Back mirror. Ahh. PEOPLE. Variety behavior. Some just too ego. Selfish. Don't even think to care for others.

Enjoying audit, tax and account. Audit is fun when we have to audit various types of company. From small trading, developer, construction, manufacturing, palm oil, shipping and many more. With different business prospect, risk and nature. Learn soo much thing that I might not acquire from classroom. Its acquired through experience.

A little bit sad coz I need to work on every Saturday. The only time to rest is on Sunday. (Padahal balik kerja malam tu macam tak rehat je. Padahal kemain awal masuk tido kann).

Memorable. Especially the moment when everybody is rushing to settle all the things before the dateline. The moment when my supervisor said, "Siti, I want it by 2pm today." Well, take it as a challenge rather than complaining.

Missing the IIUM gangs. Really miss the accounting people. I would say.. later, when we all have graduated, this is what we gonna face up. Sorang kat Utara, sorang kat Selatan, Timur, Barat and mostly in the City Center, KL. Tho, mostly in KL, still difficult to meet because we are working.

I would say.... The best thing about work is, we will only think about all the work in the office and not bring it home. So, when we are home. WE ARE FREE. Yeah, FREE. 
Fully meant for the beloved family. 
Lovely nieces and nephews. 
Sweety pillow and bed. 
No group discussion.
No stay up till early in the morning.
No more NESCAFE on the night for quizzes and tests.
Free to have activities with the makciks in the village.
Free to eat coz I am staying with my parents! ^^

Everyday is a brand new day.
It is ours to create the story.
Whether we want the day to be meaningful, joy and fabulous.
Or we want the day to be gloomy, slow and wasteful.

The main thing from the very beginning is our intention. 
Have a big hand. (HELPFUL)
Have a cute lips. (SMILE)
Never forget to read doa every time we look ourselves into the mirror.

#Petua murah rezeki oleh Ustaz Abdullah bin Mahmud (slot mitovasi pagi Kalau nak murah rezeki, mulakan pagi kita dengan bersedekah. Biar kecil nilainya tapi ikhlas. InshaaAllah, Allah permudahkan rezeki kita.

Soo, this entry full of my feeling only. Ambillah mana baik. Yang buruk tu biarkan jadi debu yang akan hilang bila dilarutkan air laut.

So.. full stop. Its time for sleep. Tomorrow is working! :)

Peace! ^^


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